предоставя на своите клиенти възможността да търгуват на Българска фондова борса,
като им осигурява бързо, коректно и качествено обслужване
Trading with greenhouse gas certificates
Environmental risk management is an increasingly important element of business operations for industrials with major energy consumption. Greenhouse gas certificates contracts traded on the ICE and EEX stock exchange offer a way to cover the carbon exposure and reduce the risk of environmental hazards.
FI “ZAGORA FINACORP” Jsc. deals with greenhouse gas certificates but also certified emission reductions that help participants to comply with the rules of the EU ETS trading scheme and the European Union policy on climate change and ultimately focused on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions resulting from industrial activity.
Transactions in securities

  • Sale and purchase of shares and bonds on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia
  • Selling and buying shares on the OTC market

Transactions with compensated instruments
Purchase and sale of clearing notes and clearing tickets registered on the “Bulgarian Stock Exchange”
For investors wishing to trade on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, the investment intermediary offers its own free platform.

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The Bulgarian stock exchange platform for individual investors
For investors who want to trade on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange SA, Zagora Finacorp SA offers an electronic system for placing COBOS orders.

Cobos Managment

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  • Inheritance of shares, countervailing bonds and notes, units of mutual funds and bonds
  • Issuing a duplicate of the receipt of the lost or destroyed deposit
  • Issue a report on dematerialized securities by one person and others

For companies that want an initial public offer and to put the company’s shares on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange or to issue bonds, as well as for municipalities that intend to issue municipal bonds, Zagora Finacorp SA could become a reliable and experienced partner, if necessary for the successful implementation of this initiative.

Examples of successful practices in subscriptions
executed by Zagora Finacorp SA:

„Форуком Фонд Имоти” АДСИЦ – Хасково (борсов код FFI)
задължително първоначално увеличение на капитала чрез емитиране на нови 165 000 броя поименни безналични акции с право на глас. Всички акции от емисията са записани и платени.